Privacy Policy


Find here the Privacy Policy for in detail. In this page we discuss about precautions and security measure which we implement to safe guard to personal information shared in the website. As a user concerned company we understand how important is your personal data and what it can result if it is manipulated. Every customer who is visiting our website should take time and through the privacy policy for complete understanding of the process. is now way responsible the content which is displayed in the website. Customers are most welcome to unsubscribe the newsletters and email notifications that you are receiving regarding the deals and discounts from various online stores at any point of time.


All the information shared during the registration process will not be communicated to other party clients. Whatever the Information or personal data shared with will be strictly used for internal reviewing purpose. Once we are done with the internal review process, entire collected data will be deleted permanently. Data consisting quality points or suggestion will be stored for future review purpose. No data will be shared to third parties for commercial benefits in any circumstances.


Usually users are worried about cookies being installed on their browsers, but does not entertain such policies. It is different case with the online stores as they have the authority and right to install cookies on user’s browser to track their performance. Just go to browser and disable the cookie option if you do not want your data to be tracked. We will keep you updated about all the changes that have been made in the privacy policy for a better and secured shopping experience online. utmost concerned about the safety and security of the online customer. High end security measures are taken and encryption methods are followed to make sure the security of the customer’s personal data shared with website. Customers should follow of the security guidelines to avoid inaccuracies in the website. Following the simple precaution you can safeguard your personal information being misused. Do not forget to close the browser once the session is completed. Please do not disclose your personal date like passwords and other account details to strangers. You should take care of your password and account details. Feel free to contact us at for any queries regarding the privacy policy. Yours only hope to save more on popular online stores for different categories.